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1. China's foreign investment
... and the majority of public opinion were against the deal. But from now on, bids by SOEs for Canada's oilsand businesses will only be considered in “exceptional circumstances”. This is "not the beginning ...
2. Asian Migration
... Middle East. Such migration is very attractive in terms of working and social conditions, and also because it offers the perspective of permanent family settlement. Integration is not a major issue since ...
3. Whither Obama, the global president?
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... the Democrats will likely retain their majority in the Senate and the Republicans in the House of Representatives.   But one week is a long time in politics, and the two weeks to the election even longer.  ...
4. Globalization, the word
... – at low relative cost – as if the entire world (or major regions of it) were a single entity; it sells the same things in the same way everywhere. … (It) contrasts powerfully with the aging multinational ...
5. Singapore in the Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... Century is said to be the Asian Century. We are now twelve years into the new millennium and, although Asia can glorify itself with major achievements, more needs to be done and Asia cannot rest on its ...
6. Japan in the Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
Japan is one of the major development success stories coming out of the post-War period.  But how can Japan contribute to and benefit from this "Asian Century"? Our invited contributor, Lila Nojima from ...
7. America's Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... the doldrums for a few more years, but as it begins to return to a normally high growth path, these Asian Americans will be able to make a major contribution to the US economy -- and perhaps result in ...
8. India's paradoxes
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, "Agni V".  It was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead for distances of up to 5000 kilometres, putting major Chinese cities within striking distance ...
9. China's reform in a bind
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... like the princelings (the children and grandchildren of prominent members of China’s Communist Party), and the Communist Youth Party League.  And there are also major policy differences between left and ...
10. Burmese Days
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... major trading partners are Thailand (30 per cent), China (29 per cent), Singapore (8 per cent), India (8 per cent), Korea (4 per cent), Japan (4 per cent), Malaysia (4 per cent) and Indonesia (2 per cent).  ...
11. Microfinance today
This week's invited contributor is Cornell University's Lila Nojima who has shared with us an interesting piece on microfinance. As Lila says, microfinance is one of the major buzz words in both the ...
12. Human capital in Asia
... secondary school.  Poverty is a major driver for dropouts: in rural areas children frequently must work to help the family survive. While Asia is comprised of increasingly dynamic economies with strong ...
13. Asia's information society
... The ITU report suggests that the main barriers to Internet use are not always related to infrastructure and price. Usage patterns show major differences related to education, gender, income, age and geographical ...
14. Understanding the Rise of China -- Martin Jacques
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... member of the family.  The state is ever present in state-owned enterprises, private enterprises which must follow the state, state targets for economic growth.  The state has always played a major role ...
15. Asia's low quality jobs
... ILO highlighted major decent work deficits.  Young men and women are three times more likely than adults to be unemployed, while at the same time millions of children who should be in school are engaged ...
16. Natural disasters in Asia
... countries with weak governance and economies get hit the most.  The poor tend to live in more exposed areas and have vulnerable livelihoods and few resources to fall back on.  A major disaster can derail ...
17. Food security in Asia
... the OECD average, and also have the forms of support that most distort production and trade still represent the vast majority of the support.  If only these two countries could take agricultural reform ...
18. Japan's governance problems
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... role of government in a poor country should be to build physical infrastructure, provide its population with a basic education, open up markets and provide coordination for major private sector investments.  ...
19. China's reform in a bind
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... like the princelings (the children and grandchildren of prominent members of China’s Communist Party), and the Communist Youth Party League.  And there are also major policy differences between left and ...
20. Democracy in Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... improvement to their lives than believe that the changes have been positive. Although the Asian Barometer Project found that the majority of Asians say they support democratic ideals, their commitment ...
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