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1. China's foreign investment
... would never ever have approved a proposal for Nexen to purchase CNOOC. It is important to stress that FDI is fundamentally different from financial investments, as it involves significant management ...
2. Whither Obama, the global president?
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
The results of the US presidential election on 6 November will have an impact on the whole world.  And if the world could vote, it would vote overwhelmingly for President Obama. But as US Ambassador ...
... a tourist guide told her that the Berlin Wall would not last forever.  It might come down in some 30 or 40 years time.  To the surprise of most, the Wall did come down, just one year later, in 1989, and ...
4. Globalization, the word
Who was the first person to utter or imagine this terrible word?  Was it, as legend would have us believe, Theodore Levitt, the Harvard Business School marketing professor who in 1983 penned an article ...
5. Globalization, development and culture
... like Islamic countries and Africa, which were believed to have a cultural disadvantage, have a number of success stories.  If some parts of the world were culturally doomed, there would be no point in ...
6. Singapore in the Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... Greater economic access and inclusion, and improved governance, would bring further gains."  These words from Stephen P. Groff, the vice-president of the Asian Development Bank, corresponds exactly to ...
7. Japan in the Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... women are highly-educated and the economy would benefit from their human capital. The Japanese government should work to overcome these cultural barriers to women in the workplace, in addition to enacting ...
8. America's Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... have experienced dramatic economic development.  But few Asian immigrants are looking over their shoulders with regret. Just 12% say that if they had to do it all over again, they would remain in their ...
9. China's reform in a bind
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... undergoes rapid ageing. Improving the spending power of Chinese citizens could be boosted by improved social welfare coverage, tax cuts and salary rises.  But this would necessarily entail cutting back ...
10. Living on $2 a day
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... Khadeja, sharing a crude kitchen with seven other wives, would often swap small amounts of rice or lentils or salt with her neighbors.  She would keep a note of the quantities in her head, and so would ...
11. Microfinance today
... insurance, health or life insurance, etc. These individuals would normally be excluded from such insurance policies, and through microfinance, they are given a certain amount of cushion in the case of ...
12. Economic growth prospects in Asia
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... populations and declining fertility, the demographic dividend is likely to wane for most economies. The only way for Asia to continue growing strongly would be to raise productivity so as to offset the ...
13. Human capital in Asia
... from 7.0 in 2010, significantly slower than the increase of 4.1 years from 1970 to 2010. That would put emerging Asia’s educational capital in 2030 at only the 1970 level of the advanced countries, or ...
14. Asia's low quality jobs
... to sign a legally binding document guaranteeing that they and their descendants would not sue the company as a result of unexpected death, self-injury, or suicide. China Labor Watch, an NGO, has been ...
15. Asia's rising inequality
... had not risen in association with the rapid economic growth, the ADB estimates that China's poverty headcount would have fallen to 4.9% (rather than 13.1%), Indonesia's to 6.1% (instead of 16.3%) and India's ...
16. Japan's governance problems
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... given to the on-site workers concerning the state of emergency within the necessary time frame, a more effective accident response would have been possible." "Japan’s regulators need to shed the insular ...
17. China's reform in a bind
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... undergoes rapid ageing. Improving the spending power of Chinese citizens could be boosted by improved social welfare coverage, tax cuts and salary rises.  But this would necessarily entail cutting back ...
18. Democracy in Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... to limits on a leader’s power is far lower than in most other regions. In concluding this note, I would like to highlight the case of Japan, which received Asia's top ranking, and scored best on the ...
19. Democracy in China?
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... theorists would tell us that as a country develops a middle class, there would be a natural demand for democracy, freedom and good governance.  Then others would say that really does not apply to China.  ...
20. Asian Century on Youtube
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... GDP, not much less than its 60 per cent share before the Industrial Revolution. This is what the "Asian Century" is all about.  It would be driven by seven economies, which account for 85 per cent of ...
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