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21. Poverty in India
... growth leading up to the global financial crisis, with China becoming a major trading partner. But economic growth is of limited consequence if it does not improve a country's poverty.  And according ...
22. China's lack of global leadership
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
...  But curiously China seems neither willing nor able to exert global economic leadership according to Tsinghua University's David Li. In addition to its "economic power", there are many reasons ...
23. Russia and the East
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... of cooperation, according to some Russian experts, will result in Russia being China’s “little partner” in the future, similar to what the Gulf countries are for the United States and Europe. This is ideologically ...
24. Multidimensional poverty
... provides excellent insights into the nature of poverty.  The above country notes highlight that national governments and international donors need to prioritize different development issues according to ...
25. Beating global poverty?
... poverty is usually defined as as those living on less than half the median income of all income earners. According to statistics released by the Japanese government in 2011, Japan’s poverty rate hit ...
26. Asia's services challenges
(Panorama/Change and innovation)
... sector, and which demonstrates just how hard policy reform can be.  According to the OECD, the key to boosting Japan's growth potential is to enhance productivity growth in the service sector.  Japan's ...
Australia is indeed too much of a poodle of the US in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Professor Alan Dupont and many of his Asian interlocutors. While the US/Australia Alliance is very valuable, ...
28. An Indo-Pacific Strategy for Australia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
Australia should be developing an "Indo-Pacific Strategy" involving the three giants of the region, China, India and the US, according to Rory Medcalf.  But Australia's relationship with India is underdeveloped ...
29. Gender equality and development
On this International Women's Day, we return to the issue of gender equality and development.  Historically in most societies the world over, girls and women have suffered from discrimination.  As the ...
... with consumption of $2-$4 a day, the middle-middle class with $4-$10 a day and the upper middle class with $10-$20 a day.  Other researchers have chosen relative or hybrid measures (2). According to ...
31. Central Asia Update
... growing countries in Asia. According to the statistics, mainly taken from their national stat bureaus, the average GDP growth rate in last decade was around 6-10%. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that ...
... firms, outranking India in all categories, according to a recent report by the Australian Contact Centre Outsourcing Market Study 2011.  The Philippines has become a prized offshoring destination due to ...
33. Asia and Europe
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
Euro-bashing is now becoming a fad. According to distinguished Australian economist Warwick McKibbon, Europe is guilty of decades of government failure -- it is "the region of choice for what not to ...
... have recently published new forecasts for this year and next. According to the IMF, the global recovery is threatened by intensifying strains in the euro area and fragilities elsewhere.  The IMF has just ...
35. Australia to the UN Security Council?
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... policy, strident support for the apartheid regime of South Africa, antagonism toward China, total dependence on the US, participation in the Vietnam war, and so on. According to Evans, Australia was ...
36. Philippines' challenges
Prospects for the Philippine economy are challenging in the current global environment.  And looking ahead, the economy requires very much better management, according to the Asian Development Bank. ...
37. Korea and Japan: a tale of two countries
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... 0.143 in 2010.   --  the Korean government has undertaken several waves of regulatory reform (according to the World Bank's Doing Business report) including through lower and simpler taxes, easier ...
38. Inequality just keeps on rising
...  According to the normally staid OECD, governments must act quickly to tackle inequality because the gap between rich and poor in OECD countries has reached its highest level for the past half century.  Indeed, ...
39. Birth of CELAC, a new regional body
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... the United States according to geographical criteria, as it is located in North America. Actually, the United States is left out for it is believed to be responsibile for the financial and economic crisis ...
... trade deficit as ‘business as usual’.  Second, China is also set to emerge as a ‘manufacturing threat’ to India. According to a recent report, the National Security Council (NSC) has projected that by ...
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