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41. IMF and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... economy needs demand, and Asia is one of the few parts of the world with that.  The IMF genuinely learnt many things from the 1997 Asian financial crisis.  And IMF senior management are now developing ...
42. China's elites and development
... can block reform and weaken the prospects for continued development. China has entered the zone where developing countries usually become democratic, as Korea and Taiwan did.  Could the Chinese Communist ...
... units in India during the license-raj day and even today. Finally, China benefits from systemic defaults in international economic relations. It retains the ‘developing country’ status for itself thereby ...
... states have played a cardinal role in developing these regional institutions; and looking at the economic, political and strategic motivations behind them, it comes as no surprise that they are underpinned ...
45. India -- the new frontier?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... in investing in Australia when, as a developing country, India should have more than ample investment opportunities at home. Local Indian companies are also deterred from investing at home by the corruption, ...
46. OECD and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... these shaky beginnings, the OEEC was transformed into the OECD in 1961, and became the Western bloc (and brand), as distinct from the Soviet bloc, and the group of developing countries.  It was in many ...
47. Global education in Japan
... effects of climate change are poor developing countries, many of which are in the Asia-Pacific (14).  These are countries which already have high rates of poverty, and are struggling to make progress in ...
48. Thought leadership for Australia
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... people think". Equally important is his proposal for our schools "to embrace systematic courses on entrepreneurship, risk taking and setting up, developing and marketing a business".  These skills are ...
49. Trans Pacific Partnership
(Panorama/International Trade)
... to support developing countries’ ability to implement and take advantage of the agreement.    The goal of TPP negotiating countries is to finalize by the end of 2012.  Already more than twenty negotiating ...
50. Chinese investment is coming fast
... tougher political and regulatory barriers in developed countries, the experience of Libya and other countries has shown that they may have underestimated the political/security risk in developing countries. ...
51. Finance
Global finance must be the most risky, dangerous and problematic form of globalization. But it should not be … Theory tells us that finance should flow from mature, OECD economies to emerging and developing ...
52. Development
Many developing countries are missing the globalisation train. While five million of the world’s population live in prosperity or moving towards prosperity, the bottom billion (mainly in Africa) have been ...
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