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41. China: recent political developments
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... shift in China’s growth pattern, namely a policy shift towards developing interior regions, internal market, production for China’s needs, and home-grown innovation, which would make China less dependent ...
42. America and China: Asia's great powers
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
...  Military ground troops were necessary to take on the Taliban, but they are no longer necessary to fight terrorism. There is much less need for US presence in Europe from which it is withdrawing.  Russia ...
43. Whither China's economy?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... even in a year's time, given the unreliability of Chinese statistics. One thing for sure is that China's longtime unbalanced economy, which desperately needs rebalancing, is looking decidedly more unbalanced ...
... Australia needs to be more independent in its defense strategy, and to develop better defense relations with our Asian neighbors, especially Indonesia and China. Ever since the end of World War 2, ...
45. Will China overtake the US?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... also proved to be a useful vehicle for technology transfer. Fifth, even while they are still in the catchup phase, countries need to develop national innovation systems.  It is not always possible to ...
46. An Indo-Pacific Strategy for Australia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... energy and food prices, and even the risk of conflict.  All nations need a strategy to both adjust to and benefit from this historic re-emergence of Asia's giants. China is now the world's second biggest ...
47. China, India and Indonesia -- safety first, please
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... too many eggs in the China basket, and needs to diversify. Good recommendation, yes!  But ... it is also relevant that Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) considers both Indonesia ...
48. Youth and development in Asia
... politically untenable in the long run. Asia's governments need to take their youth much more seriously, to exploit their potential as a source prosperity, poverty reduction, stability and positive change ...
49. Japan's triple crisis -- one year on?
(Panorama/Change and innovation)
... interests holding back reform? As the Chinese economy pulls further ahead, Japan will become more and more an economic dependency of China which needs its technology and high quality products.  China's ...
50. Asia’s Development and the Leadership Issue
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... of development. A return of leadership is needed, argues this week's invited contributor, Emanuele Schibotto* from our knowledge partner www.Equilibri.net.   Looking at Asia’s phenomenal economic ...
51. Migration
Deep down, we are all migrants from somewhere.  And most advanced OECD countries need more migrants.  Even Japan is opening up gradually to migration notably through an intern program.  International migration ...
... need government, although big companies try to push government aside in good times.  Economists have always recognized that markets are not perfect.  These market failures can be tackled at the local, ...
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