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21. Human security in Asia
... today: (i) economic security.  The global financial crisis and European sovereign debt crisis, which have both hit Asia's exports badly, highlight economic security risks to events caused elsewhere in ...
22. Reassessing Asia's economic miracle
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... as new countries would become the fastest developers.  Today, countries China and Vietnam are leading the flock, while looking ahead, countries like Cambodia, Laos and Burma could become the fastest flying ...
23. Beating global poverty?
... a much lower rate today. The World Bank's global poverty count is based on "poverty lines" of daily consumption of $1.25 and $2.00 in 2005 prices -- these are measures of "absolute poverty".  $1.25 a ...
24. America and China: Asia's great powers
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... different as the USSR had a totally separate economic system.  Today, interdependence requires partnerships. While China's military spending is accelerating, it is way behind the US and will remain so, ...
25. Youth and development in Asia
There is no time like the present for investing in our youth, those between the ages of 12 and 24.  After all, today's youth are tomorrow's workers, entrepreneurs, parents, citizens and leaders.  Indeed, ...
26. Gender equality and development
... education these gaps are closing rapidly, and much faster than when today's rich countries were poorer. Since 1980, women are now living longer than men in all parts of the world, and in low income countries ...
... Cadigal lived on the south side of Sydney Harbour. The Harbour's north shore was the home of the Gamaraigal. West of them lived the Walumedigal. To the inland near today's Cabramatta (Sydney's "Vietnam ...
... imagined that "the land of the morning calm" could become an advanced, industrial democracy in virtually the space of a generation.  Today, Burma (or Myanmar) is opening and changing in ways barely imaginable ...
29. Some Australia Day thought leadership
(Panorama/Change and innovation)
... and naive to say that there is no anti-Arab or no anti-Indian sentiment in Australia. While racism still exists in Australian culture today, Teo is honest enough to say that his Chinese mother would ...
... a strongly Chinese economy, enabled the Australian economy to sail through the crisis better than any other developed nation. Today, the case for decisive action by the Australian government is even ...
31. China's intellectual repression
Today, economic, strategic and political observers analyse and debate the rising power of China. But how powerful can this emerging dragon be, when it fears the influence of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize–winning ...
32. IMF and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... are helping today".  In other words, he means that the IMF was right after all! He also conceded that the IMF has learned important lessons from Asia’s experience which are reflected in the IMF's programs ...
33. China's elites and development
... China's elite now finds itself threatened by the consequences of its own success, as its more complex and diverse society demands greater freedom.  Today, political and social repression are now on the ...
34. Inequality just keeps on rising
... 10 %, up seven times from 25 years ago.  Even in traditionally egalitarian countries, such as Germany, Denmark and Sweden, the income gap has risen from 5 to 1 in the 1980s to 6 to 1 today. The gap is ...
... hurdle. Also, post-1962 period, the trajectory of the erstwhile trade through Nathu La has shifted to other routes and it is indeed a difficult task to reorient the same. Today, the pass that was once ...
36. Rise of Global Latinas
...   “Brazil is today a bigger economy than India”, Casanova likes to remind her business students at INSEAD. With a nominal GDP of around 2,000 billion USD, Brazil is the second largest emerging economy ...
37. OECD and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... the presitge factor for small countries.  And smaller European countries may already have gone through similar conditionality hoops when joining the European Union. Today, the OECD finds itself with ...
38. Global education in Japan
... First, a global education is a key element of Sophia's mission; and second, I believe that a global education is critical for students who preparing for a career and a life in the world of today and tomorrow. ...
39. Trans Pacific Partnership
(Panorama/International Trade)
... economies are today performing much better than the crisis-ridden OECD countries. With the US clearly in the TPP driver's seat, the TPP trade talks clearly reflect a US agenda and could result in a lop-sided ...
40. Chinese investment is coming fast
... today it is becoming harder to find quality assets at attractive prices. Despite these possible constraints on outward Chinese investment, the prospects still look very strong.  Chinese foreign exchange ...
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